Bar Fight
Anthony, Lucas, Paul-Louis, RCS

9 Décembre 2016

Our heroes ran to the Bar on the 3rd floor where a fight erupted between zombie bartenders and patrons. Melissa saved poor souls while Brokken Gläsz was smashing head and our Father was getting bitten.

Rules update

Some of the rules eluded me during the play, but instead of losing time finding the exact rule in the book I improvised stuff. Here are the real ruling that will be used from now on:


A character with Taunt can use it against an ennemy (including zombies). It's an opposed test (Taunt Vs Smarts). The Taunting character does his roll first (he can use a Benny to re-roll), and then the target must make a Smarts test higher than the Taunt to resist.

If the target fails, the character gets a +2 bonus on his next action against the target. With a Raise, the target is Shaken as well.

Guts checks

Whenever characters encounter something horrible, they'll have to do a Guts check. If the test fails, they are Shaken and must then immediatly do a Vigor test. If this one fails as well, they also take 1 Fatigue point.

If they happen to fail the first Guts checks by rolling a 1 on their dice, they also have to immediatly roll on the Fright table (Page 85 of the Deluxe Edition Rulebook).

Extras that fails their Guts check are panicked and flee the scene as fast as they can.

But, we are playing in a zombie-heavy environment, and doing a Guts check everytime the heroes encounter a zombie will get tedious soon. Instead, I will only ask to roll when the scene is particularly horrible, or if they are confronted with a new kind of abomination.

On the other hand, zombies have a tendency to moan, doing a bone-chilling sound, and this, not matter how many times you heard it before, will always scare characters, requiring the Guts check.


Everytime a character takes a Fatigue point, they have -1 to all their dice rolls. When a character takes its third Fatigue point, they are Incapacitated and cannot move anymore.


I ruled that Shields gave +3 Toughness, which is too much.

Improvised shields (like the one created from bits and pieces taken from the infirmary) will provide +1 Parry (and break on a roll of 1 on 1D6 when used).

Bigger shields, like a wood plank or a metal bin lid will give the +1 Parry as well as a +2 Toughness against ranged weapon (only 1 against firearms)

Real shields, like Police ones will give +2 Parry and +2 Toughness against Ranged weapons.

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