Infirmary breakout
Anthony, Lucas, Paul-Louis, RCS

22 Novembre 2016

Fighting their way through a horde of panicked people, our group manage to kill several of the reanimated medical crew before another distress call have them running to the bar on Deck 3.

The following text is a recap of the event through Father O'Shaugnessy's eyes

Pardon me oh my Lord, for I didn't advance your ways very far today.

As I was still standing with Kirkman near the late crew members, we could hear our friends still shouting about the crowd running towards them.

And these scared sheep were legitimately frightened: the three things that followed them seemed more menacing with each step, their arms stretched and their grunts getting louder. The wigged rock star tried to block those poor people to protect him from the creatures, but thank goodness Melissa cared about their fate.

She directed them towards our side of the corridor, trying to get them to a safe place; but God knows how hard it is to convince someone fueled with fear to take the right step. I was thankfully able to persuade them to go in the direction we arrived from, which sadly is the safest place we currently know on this boat…

Once the crowd was dealt with, we remembered the source of their fear: the things were getting closer, moaning and trying to reach the rock star and Melissa with their arms and jaws! And these were not the only ones, some of the lost souls that Kirkman, Ian and me helped reach God visibly didn't go all the way to Heavens: two dead bodies slowly raised from the floor, still bloody and missing some limbs, but seemingly determined to replace theirs with ours…

Kirkman immediately fired shots, but in the rush of the moment wasn't able to aim these things' heads. Thanks to his training on mountain bears, Ian had an easier time targeting these: after a few outstanding shots, he had killed (hopefully this time for good) the two creatures and we were rushing back to our friends. And although some noise was coming from the nursery, they needed our help: Melissa was struggling with her gun, feverishly shooting at anything around her without much aim. We can thank the Lord that the bullets all went through walls or in the chandeliers rather than in our faces!

Fortunately, between Brökken, Ian and Kirkman, the situation was quickly resolved (what an euphemism for bringing those fools to God! But only Him can save them now).

We urged back to the nursery from which the moans were escaping, and realized some of the medical team looked less like healers than like walking illnesses.

I quickly reached to my Walkie-Talkie, screaming for help in the mic before going close to the nursery. Someone answered "We're on the way!", but we had to handle the menacing creatures ourselves: once again Ian's aim was key in saving the day.

The nursery contained a few interesting items: I found a first-aid kit which I filled with bandages, various medicaments, scalpels, and some flasks which Melissa wanted to take blood samples from the several corpses that surrounded us. She also had the wit to ask the arriving security guards what was the situation in the upper floors, which none of us thought after such a hectic scene…

But the news were not good. The guards told us that the trail of blood we saw in the hallway continued further away, and that one elevator had been found bloody but empty, as if a violent fight happened and the protagonists had disappeared after leaving most of their blood on the walls!

And that was not all, as we heard from their Walkie-talkies voices calling for help in the bar room of the higher levels. We rushed to the bars, and arrived in a surrealistic scene: a handful of passengers were struggling to keep more of those things out of reach…

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