Boarding the cruise ship
Alex M., Anthony, Gianluca, Lucas, Paul-Louis, RCS

11 Octobre 2016

Boarding a cruise ship on its maiden journey, a group of people from very different backgrounds are taken into a serie of unexplicable deaths, being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The following text is a recap of the event through Father O'Shaugnessy's eyes

This cruise started pretty good: after we left the harbor under beautiful weather, I had some time to retreat to my room and pray the Lord.

I then went to the main ballroom of the ship (the Pinnacle, which by the way cruises for the first time here), where I was personally welcomed by Mr Farthington, the friendly ship owner. The scale of this cruise is overwhelming: three thousand passengers, 100 employees working in the numerous facilities… I'm impressed that this ship has a cinema, a casino, even a running track!

I took Farthington's welcoming as an opportunity to ask if there is a chapel: although I'm trying to get some rest on this ship, I'd love to have a place to pray and maybe bring the faithful ones I may meet to pray the Lord together.

After the owner's welcome speech, I went to the bar to get a fruit juice (as usual). I met there an interesting person: Ian McKenzie, an old black man who spent his life fighting bears in the woods (at least that's what I got from our conversation). He's pretty friendly, although he seems to have a gambling problem. (Strong enough for getting tricked by the barman into drinking a weird, expensive lemony drink that supposedly will increase his luck at gambling) I'm not sure how he got this addiction, as I never saw bears play poker.

I also noticed an old, weird looking wig guy, who was speaking pretty loud and was followed by two lost souls that could likely benefit of some moral guidance. I'll see if I can talk to them later and help them see the Light!

While at the bar, a lousy Texan guy appeared and starting annoying the people around us, disturbing what looked like a former war hero to tell him aggressive nonsense (How can one celebrate the violent death of a poor soul? This cannot be the Lord's plan). Anyway, the former soldier (who was followed by his young daughter) pushed back the Texan guy and told him to get away. A women that was dressed like a doctor and introduced herself as Melissa interacted with this guy and his daughter, bringing her to tears by asking where her mother was. I suspect she already joined the Lord.

Moments later, the Texan guy (I think I heard his name is Billy) began to look sick: he was sweating a lot, and coughing constantly. He was indeed not well, as he fell on the floor unconscious and was brought by some crew members to the ships nursery. His wife came in screaming and asking where he was, so I brought her to the infirmary and went back to the bar.

Some time later, she came back screaming "They're all dead! ALL DEAD!". The former soldier, the doctor, the wig guy (who seems to think he's a famous star, although I never heard of him), a well-dressed man that looked like a banker and myself were all intrigued by this woman, and came to listen to her. She said she came back from the nursery, so we all rushed to its direction to see what happened. And God knows we were not prepared for what was there.

We arrived to the nursery and I immediately saw something was abnormal from the amount of blood on the walls. Once I looked inside, I saw four cadavers on the floor, bloody and some of them having their ribs ripped-off or having some weird bites on their body (which Ian said does not really look like a bear's).

I then noticed something even stranger, and frankly unholy to me: one of the four bodies was actually alive, and was EATING the one under it! He soon noticed our presence and turned toward us: he looked like Bill, the former Texan guy, but his eyes made me think he was possessed by the Devil. And indeed, he started moving aggressively to our direction!

I knew we had to stop him, as he was definitely aggressive. While the other guys tried to close the door, I looked around for something to defend ourselves and grabbed the corridor's fire extinguisher. That was useful, as when the wig guy (named Brökken or something?) held the door's knob to keep it closed, the former soldier took the old gambler's cane and tried to hit Bill through the door's window. When the window broke under the cane's assault, Bill tried to hit us: I didn't want to use necessary violence, so I used the main function of the fire extinguisher to try to fill the room with foam through the window and incapacitate the Texan guy somehow.

The Lord must have not approved this plan, cause when I tried to execute it I badly aimed and half the foam ended in the hallway instead of in the nursery. We were all covered in foam, apart from Brökken who surprisingly kept his wig perfectly clean. Thank God he was already holding the knob, we would never have found it under such an amount of foam!

Some security guards arrived and we explained them the situation to Mr Kirkman, head of the Pinnacle's security team. He told us to go back to our room as they handle the situation, and to avoid speaking about this episode to any other passenger to avoid creating a panic. To both thank us and apologize, he offered to upgrade our rooms to VIP ones tomorrow. I don't really need more space, but I appreciate the gesture and the kindness of this good fellow. God saves his soul!

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