First kill
Anthony, Gianluca, Lucas, Paul-Louis, RCS

12 Octobre 2016

Woken up in the middle of the night by a scream, our group run to the rescue of a young girl. After killing their first zombie, they are grudgingly asked for help by the head of security when a second incident happens.

The following text is a recap of the event through Father O'Shaugnessy's eyes

I was woken up in the middle of the night by screams coming from the hallway. Listening to my courage, I immediately looked through it and realized the screams came from a nearby room, in front of which three strong guys were standing. The wig guy, the doctor and the gambler which were all in nearby rooms also went out of theirs and went like me to see what was this screaming about. On the way to the source of the yells, I saw an open room where I recognized the clothing of a celebrity from my favorite TV Show (I know this is not a very holy occupation, God forgives me): hearing a woman screaming louder and louder (and saying things like "Dad, stop it! Are you crazy?"), I grabbed a chair to be able to physically separate them if anything violent or unholy was happening. The guys I met yesterday were all following in the corridor, apart from the doctor who stopped standing and started recording the scene with her cellphone (maybe for later medical training? Not sure what her intention was there). At this point, one of the tough guys ran out of the room screaming and bloody, and I quickly understood his being frightened: one of his hands was missing!

The following scene was pretty messy: two security guys arrived attracted by the noise, I put the chair between the father and the daughter (who was defending herself with a metal bar) and followed Ian's wish to grab a coat hanger (retrospectively, I should probably have asked why, as today I still don't have even a remote idea what his intention was with this). Anyway we sorted the situation out when the guard and the former soldier both shot in the father's head, and the second shot was the right one (it seems the first one, also successfully aimed, didn't disturb much this lost soul).

The security guys escorted us to the main security room, where Mr Kirkman was waiting for us looking angry. He asked us bluntly to explain what happened, seemingly suspicious that we were twice in such a bloody situation. We did our best to explain him what happened, that we didn't touch this Bill before he fainted in the ballroom, and that we stayed in our rooms as instructed until we heard the screams. The doctor, who discretely recorded the whole conversation, tried to persuade him to contact the coastal guards and go back to the coast, as that was already the second violent event we witnessed today and this one ended in a dead person (to whom I couldn't even give the last sacraments!)

Mr Kirkman seemed to agree with Melissa, but then Mr Farthington arrived with the ship's captain and visibly was not considering this an option. Although at least two crew members died in the nursery and a passenger was killed, he didn't want to involve coastal guards in this incident and told Mr Kirkman that he was paid to solve those situations himself, not to call the guards. I thought this was out of fear that stopping the cruise would put the future of this boat at risk, but I saw him smile weirdly after this conversation. That was a bit surprising…

When the owner and Captain King left the room, Kirkman turned to us and told us that although he didn't trust us fully, we proved we were helping and he wants us in the security team to help them sort this mess. I of course agreed, followed by the other guys. He gave us a gun (which we let to the former soldier, as he has more training than all of us combined).

Suddenly, our security boss (although my only real master is our Lord) took his Walkie-Talkie to answer a call. The caller said "They" had broken the nursery's door and asked for help, and Kirkman rushed to where the call came from without even looking at us. As their freshly new security squad, we of course ran as well to what seemed to be the location of the calling security guy.

We arrived in a corridor, where we saw a big pond of blood where two corpses where. When looking closer, we realized those were actually three: closer to us was a dying security guard, near to which I immediately crouched to save his soul from Hell by providing him the last sacraments. I noticed his Walkie-Talkie fell next to him, and I took it so it could be useful to other sons of our Lord. But I soon realized the other bodies were not dead either: one of those was actually chewing on the other one…

The other fellows went to the right of this corridor, as instructed by Kirkman who wanted to know the source of screams we heard when arriving in the hallway. They quickly saw a pack of around twelve people running to our direction, looking frightened by what was behind them. And indeed, following them were three men covered with blood and with eyes that could have been the Devil's…

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